On Jan. 8th and 9th watch a pre-screening of Sparrow's latest series and feature film yet to be released.

About the festival

Sparrow Entertainment Festival is a combined pre-screening event that provides fans an exclusive glimpse at Sparrow’s movies and series yet to be released in the New Year. On January 8th and 9th 2016, for two days only, Sparrow Entertainment Festival will screen two of Sparrow’s brand new exciting productions;

an enthralling political drama series titled SHAMPAIGN and a one-of-a-kind movie thriller titled REBECCA at the Silverbird Cinemas, Accra Mall.

It will be a two-day soiree of up close and personal interaction with cast, crew and movie stars from all around the continent, red carpet pictures, interviews, autograph signing and behind the scenes gossip.

Each SEF ticket will also include a free DVD movie from Sparrow;
‘Love or Something like that’, ‘Grey Dawn’ or ‘Devil in the detail’

Stay ahead of your peers, and mingle with the headliners, only at the Sparrow Entertainment Festival.

Screening at the festival

Watch back to back, Sparrow’s most anticipated feature film and series,
Rebecca and Shampaign.

Abandoned and lost in the middle of a deserted road, an egotistic proper city guy gets a rude awakening when he begins to realise that his only companion, a timid looking village girl who he had been forced to marry only a few hours earlier is anything but ordinary.

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Shampaign, is a political drama series that follows the unruly lives of a young political campaign team who work tirelessly to make political history by getting a single mother elected as the first female President of the Country whiles dealing with their own personal demons.

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Event Info


Silverbird Cinema, Accra Mall


Friday, January 8th, 2016

Saturday, January 9th, 2016


6pm. Red Carpet

7pm. Shampaign Screening

9pm. Rebecca Screening

Ticket Price

Ticket cost per day: GHC 50

Ticket Outlets

Silverbird Cinema, Accra Mall

Koala Supermarket, Osu

Ticket Extras

Each ticket purchase is for an entire day's screening. Every ticket holder gets a complementary DVD at the venue.